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About TruFlow

Just Tankers decided after issues with existing system suppliers to build our own MID metering system. We set about sourcing the world’s finest quality components and applied for system approval to the NMO. Now with European MID approval and some 200 systems built and working faultlessly in the field, we are expanding into export markets and adding new technology to our system offer.

We now have a new Android based hand held driver interface which links to your back office and loading rack. We also can upgrade your old Alpeco or Neptune mechanical meter to our New TruFlow with temperature compensation and remote control. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

JustTankers Truflow

Metering Systems

TruFlow 400 TCS Flow Meter, Veeder Root EMR 3 Register, TruFlow Control System, Blackmer TXD 2.5 Pump (Metered Hose Reel Only)

TruFlow 1000 TCS Flow Meter, Veeder Root EMR 3 Register, TruFlow Control System, Mouvex CC8 65 Pump (Metered Hose Reel and Bulk)

Easy to fit - means no excess tanker build hours to pay. Light - keeps vehicle tare down, more fuel, less truck. Reliable - world leading components assure trouble-free life. Expandable - our inspiration is to make life easy for the driver but we know that accountability to your customer is all important Compartment control,cross-over protection and sealed parcel are all possible using the same components that are employed in our basic system (ask us for details) Simple to operate - many of the main components are now industry standards so driver familiarisation could not be simpler.

ATEX approved components where required


Bottom Loading Systems

The SUPERTANKER Package is the 'Guaranteed Best All-In-One Bottom Load Package'

Manlids 500mm (20inch) to EN13317 (PV Vents to EN14595)

Air Manifold with sight glass, product return and guard bar

Footvalves 4 inch with pneumatic operation to EN13308

API's 4 inch with sight glass and manual operation to EN13315

Vapour Recovery 3 inch with sight glass and cap to EN13081

Vapour Valves 3 inch Sequential to EN13802

HLCO Probes 2 wire optical to EN13922

HLCO Sockets with brake interlock to EN13922

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Magyar & JustTankers.com operate a stock build program offering customers standard build tankers for fuel, milk and chemicals with short lead times. Contact us with your tankers requirements.