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As you may already be aware, when you visit a website, little text files called cookies are downloaded to your computer. To improve your online experience, this website, like almost all others, utilizes cookies.

  • Performance Cookies
  • Functionality Cookies
  • Targeting Cookies
  • Strictly Necessary Cookies


To make it simple for you to select the cookies and amount of consent you wish to grant, we have developed a cookie tool. By selecting the "change settings" tab or button, you may go to the cookie tool. Then, by deciding on your personal preferences, you give us permission to use the cookies you haven't deactivated. You can block some types of cookies after that.

Throughout your visit to our website - , you may check the symbols in the toolbar at the bottom of the page to see what level of settings you have selected. You may scroll over each icon to see a different sort of cookie it represents and to remind yourself of the alternatives you have selected.

You may modify your browser's setup to have it either alert you when you get a cookie or automatically reject it if you'd prefer not to permit the usage of cookies at all.

You could notice that if you disable cookies, certain parts of the website won't work properly, and we can't promise that you'll have access to all the services we offer on our website. Additionally, you might need to select your settings again if you use a new device to visit our website or erase all of your cookies.

According to the ICC UK Cookie guide, the cookies used on have been categorized. The following is a list of all the cookies used on this website.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

To navigate the website and use its services, such as accessing secure sections, shopping baskets, and online billing, strictly necessary cookies are required. These cookies enable our website to fulfil your request for services.

Other than for your current session, these cookies don't collect any data that may be used to sell to you or keep track of your preferences or ID.

Using strictly necessary cookies, you can:

  • Clearly show that you are logged into this website.
  • When going between pages on our website, keep in mind what you've done before.
  • Consider the service choices you've made, which enable us to offer you the services you've asked for.
  • Identify you as a member of the site and as someone who is logged in.

Accepting these cookies is a condition of using the website.
Cookies we consider to be Strictly Necessary:'s cookies;

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Performance Cookies

Performance cookies gather data on how you interact with our website, such as which pages you visit most frequently and whether you receive any error messages. They also enable us to make performance and preference-specific updates to our website.

These cookies only gather anonymous data; none of the data they gather could be used to identify you. They won't be applied to target you with advertisements on other websites.

Performance cookies are used to:

  • Give usage data for this website (including selections that you have made and goods and services that you have viewed, during your use of this website).
  • Collect statistics on how this website is used and non-user particular info regarding usage.
  • The ability to provide and monitor the performance of videos integrated into this website.
  • On our website, experiment with several designs.

Accepting these cookies is a condition of using the website.
Cookies we consider to be Strictly Necessary:'s cookies;
• _*_app_session

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To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites please visit

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies are used to remember your preferences, such as your user name, log-in information, and preferred language. Additionally, they keep track of any website customizations you make so that you can benefit from improved, more customized services.

Functionality cookies are used for:

  • Identify you as having given this website your approval to use cookies.
  • Evoke the preferences and settings you've applied for the layout, font size, and colors.
  • Proactive live chat sessions are offered to you for support.
  • To provide a service on our website, we might share information with our partners. The supplied information must only be used to deliver the service, product, or function; it cannot be used for any other reason.
  • When you have already logged in to the website, let you know.
  • Where you choose, offer improved log-in functionality, e.g. (such as keeping you logged in even when you navigate away from the site).

We won't target you with ads on other websites using functionality cookies.

Where third parties are in charge of our functionality cookies, we prohibit them from using the cookies for any reason other than those mentioned above.

As the name implies, our website's functioning can be compromised if you decide not to allow these cookies. Additionally, if you don't allow these cookies, our website might not be able to remember some of the particular services you have selected.

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Targeting Cookies

To serve advertisements that are more relevant to you and your interests, targeting cookies gather information about your surfing habits. They gauge the success of marketing initiatives as well.

Targeting Cookies are used for:

  • Provide links to social networks like Facebook, which may utilize information about your visit to other websites to serve you with customized advertising later on.
  • Give advertising companies information about your visit so they can show you ads you might be interested in.

You can also utilise the third parties' own mechanisms to prevent these cookies since all of them are handled by third parties.
Cookies that we classify as targeting cookies include: 's cookies;
Currently don't use 'targeting' cookies.

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